In recent years, Perthshire based artist Ron Lawson has become one of the UK’s most popular and sought after landscape artists.  


With regular sell-out exhibitions, such is the demand for his work, Ron Lawson has achieved what every artist desires – instantly recognisable work.

His stark flat (usually grey) backgrounds are set against detailed depictions of the landscape and often feature a sole cottage, building or the occasional sheep.  Using either long and thin or tall and narrow canvases with a limited colour palette, Lawson perfectly captures the remoteness and majesty of the Scottish Highlands and Islands and his paintings have been met with an extraordinary response from collectors worldwide. 


However although many people are familiar with Ron’s distinctive and unique landscapes, few may realise his artistic journey has spanned the last four decades. 


It was at the age of 16 that Ron landed a job with DC Thomsons & Co Ltd in Dundee which propelled him into a life-long career in the art world.

Looking back on this time, Ron says “As a youngster I’d worked away at creating a massive portfolio with many different examples of the kind of work I enjoyed at that time.  On the strength of that body of work, at the age of 16, I landed a full-time job in the art studios of publishers DC Thomsons. From the moment I set foot in that art studio in August 1976, I knew that life as a professional artist was exactly what I wanted and I’ve been a professional artist ever since

It was only a few years after embarking on what would turn into a 34 year career with DC Thomsons, that away from his day to day work, Ron started exhibiting his own paintings in galleries in 1978. 

In those days I used to show my work around little art galleries mostly in the Angus area with fairly modest success but it was a great start and every little bit of encouragement just keeps you going forward.  By the mid 1980’s into 1990 I started to develop what has now become my signature grey skies and as the 1990’s progressed, I concentrated more on Scottish landscape painting.  The popularity of my paintings depicting the remoteness of the Hebridean landscape featuring leadened skies and isolated cottages started in the mid 90’s and have increased in popularity and demand ever since.”  

As the demand for Ron’s paintings steadily grew during this period as his work came to the attention of more and more art buyers, it wasn’t until 2010 that Ron decided to take the huge step of leaving a full-time job he’d been in since 1976 to focus entirely on his own paintings.  


That decision however, proved to be a wise move as he hasn’t looked back since.

There are few artists in today’s art market that regularly achieve sell-out exhibitions but Ron Lawson is one such artist which is testament to his talent and hard work.  And although he is aware the demand (and clamour) for his work is high, he remains an artist not only selective about the galleries he works with but about the amount of original work he produces. 

His forthcoming exhibition with the Annan Gallery will be his largest of 2019 and focus entirely around his beloved Tiree.  Enjoy the rest of the website and have a look at the inspiration behind Ron's latest paintings.